Photography has been a significant part of my life for many years now, and yet it's a journey that continues to hold its fascination as I explore new locations, trying to learn something new on the way.

It's a great mix of technical and artistic aspects to create art that people are hopefully happy to hang on their walls.  To me, the most essential aspect of landscape photography is light. Combine that with a good composition of an interesting scene, add a touch of emotion and we'll have another Photo to keep!

I grew up and lived in England but I've been living in Austria for many years; a country which offers us photographers some breath-taking scenery! 
Interesting holidays each year are a must for me; they are like an extended photo tour to collect new sights and impressions from around the world. But, it's only  local photography that allows you to come back again and again in different seasons, or at different times of the day, to find that perfect light.   

The latest project is the "Open air gallery" in my home town of Pilsbach, Austria.

My photo exhibitions are fun to make and customers like to come back for more :-)