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The best equipment is the equipment you have with you when that special moment occurs.
They say the bigger the better.

Well,... I find the Nikon Z7 with 2-3 good lenses a good compromise.
It's a full-frame mirrorless camera that fits in a rucksack with a rain jacket, something to eat and a bottle of water.

...After a while you get used to carrying it all around.

For longer Hikes the micro four thirds Olympus OMD EM1 ii and 3 smallish bright, professional grade, lenses are easy to carry and provide excellent quality!

The little Sony RX100 vi is great as a truely portable little camera for anytime

When you just happen to be in the right place at the right time and the shutter clicks, it was all worth it.
Nikon Z7 45MPixel Full Format mirrorlessNikon Z 24-70 F/4Nikon Z 14-30 F/4 Wide angleNikon Z 24-200 F/4-6.3Nikkor 70-200 F4Nikkor 105 F2.8Nikkor 50 F1.4Nikkor 35 F1.8Sigma 50-500Nikkor DX 16-80Tokina DX 11-20 F2.8sigma DX 8-16sigma DX 17-50 F2.8Olympus OMD EM1 Mk II 20 MPixel M4/3 systemOlympus 12-40 F2.8 PROPana Leica8-18 F/2.8-4 Wide anglePana Leica 50-200 F2.8-4Panasonic 35-100 F2.8Olympus 75 F/1.8Sony RX100 Vi

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