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Lake Ödsee:  Autumn 2019Neowise Comet from Geispiel, VöcklabrückBuddhist Temple - South KoreaLoser - End of May 2020just a little later at sunset time as the sky was still blueSunset in Korea on the first day of 2020Detail of river at sunsetThe main Golling waterfall.  The lower Waterfall is 30m highThe elegant upper waterfall at Golling , A drop of about 45mThe mist blasting out of the source cave adds to the dramaDelivery service on the Katrin mountain with morning mist in the valleys.View from the Katrin, looking like a minimalist Japanese paintingThe mist begins to clearDürnstein rooftopsLooking back to DürnsteinThe castle ruins on top10 shot panarama with Weissenkirchen in the distanceWhite wine in the makingWeissenkirchen over the KulturlandschaftPretty patterns in the Vineyards