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Erichhütte- evening light and freezing coldTriefen Waterfalls , Hinterthal 1. Jan 2017Making Tracks in Pilsbach 3Winter eveningDouble "S" ski tracksMinimalistic image  with a few fence posts and treesPink clouds on HochkönigView from our Balcony- MühlbachTracks in the snow 29th AprilFrom Erichhütte - a little closerAugstsee, Loser Winter PanoramaLoserfenster- A window through the mountain 3Loser Panorama roadAutumn in B'hofen.  in the style of the painter  BierstadtMossy tree catching the lightBischofshofen waterfall B&WMiesweg at nightAn autumn firework on PronebenalmPathway to PronebenalmMühlbach from Pronebenalm