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Landcruiser: Ideal car for IcelandBlood red sunset at Shoeburyness,  East beach. Looking like glowing lava on the mud near Barge pier.- Favourite foto !Hohenwerfen castle - Feb 2019Hvitserkur In Northern Iceland. The most amazing rock formation Ive ever seen !  PanoramaLittle girl in pink watching the wavesSnaefellsnes Volcano: Evening lightDettifoss. Incredibly powerful and somewhat intimidating!Gullfoss. Late at night and all alone at the waterfallGrundlsee . Orange mist at SunsetRising sun burning away the morning mist : Gössl B&W 2018Flowering pastures in Ausserland GösslerwandOsea Island causeway - Favourite foto !"Walking in the clouds" . Two young crab fishermen at Shoeburyness  East beach- - Favourite foto !A world of its ownBlühnbachtal June 2018Blühnbachtal B&W 2Blühnbachtal June 2018Blühnbachtal June 2019Blühnbachtal June 2019Blühnbachtal June 2019