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Here are some shots of my home town in Upper Austria. Being so local I get lots of chances to go back to a particular scene for another shot.
It's often a pleasant surprise to see what is special today; the clouds, the sky, rain, snow, different seasons, sunset, lighting,.... can all make a tremendous difference to the same place

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Just around the corner in PilsbachICEIce encapsulating everythingIciclesWinter eveningMaking Tracks in Pilsbach 1Making Tracks in Pilsbach 2Making Tracks in Pilsbach 3Making Tracks in Pilsbach 1Hohenweg - 3, 2, 1, Lift offHohenweg, Jan 2017Snow in Pilsbach - Glistening pathwayFrosty fieldsFrosty fields with the sun catching the treesdouble rainbow in KirchstettenOn the way to Pilsbach -  The magic beginsPilsbach PumpkinsBalcony sunsetThe streets are paved with gold in my home town...On the way to Schmidham