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Blood red sunset at Shoeburyness,  East beach. Looking like glowing lava on the mud near Barge pier.- Favourite foto !Shoeburyness East beach. Tiny waterfall from the pool"Walking in the clouds" . Two young crab fishermen at Shoeburyness  East beach- - Favourite foto !Shoeburyness  East beach The pool bathing  in golden lightShoeburyness  East beach. Can you believe that some locals say the mud is ugly ????Wild Geese in the air at Shoeburyness  East beachShoeburyness  East beach - Wild geeseShoeburyness  East beach. Golden leading lines along the sea wallSunset mood at Shoeburyness  East beachShoeburyness  East beach. Red boat on the mud  under an orange skyEast Beach reflected light on the mudEast Beach -beautiful light on the mudflatsEast Beach - mudflats B&WEast Beach - Light on the mudEast Beach by Barge pierEast Beach - Unexploded shell by Barge pierEast Beach - Barge Pier . A new logo for channel 4 ?East Beach - wild birdsEast Beach - reedsBreakers and Boom

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