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Triefen, April 2018Flowering Heather by the TriefenTriefen, April 2018Triefen,  close up, April 2018On the way to the Triefen 2018Up-stream from the TriefenLone tree, Fresh green leaves in springWalking back from the Triefen 2018Triefen Waterfalls , Hinterthal, May 2016, May 2016Just before the Triefen Waterfalls 2016Triefen Waterfalls , Hinterthal 2016Triefen Waterfalls , Hinterthal 1. Jan 2017Triefen Waterfalls , Hinterthal 2016Hinterthal April 2018Triefen, April 2018Triefen, April 2018Marmot paradise by the TriefenOn the way to the Triefen, 2018Blue ice