Fireplace Photography | Arthurhaus to Erichhütte July 2018

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On the way to MitterfeldalmErichhütte, near the car parkArthurhaus to ErichhütteArthurhaus to ErichhütteArthurhaus to ErichhütteRiedingeralm waterfallsRiedingeralm waterfallsRiedingeralm waterfallsYours truly at the Riedingeralm waterfallsArthurhaus to ErichhütteArthurhaus to ErichhütteWide angle shot with a touch of pink. On the way to the "4 huts"Bee on the AlpenroseArthurhaus to ErichhütteRiedingeralm waterfallsArthurhaus to ErichhütteArthurhaus to ErichhütteOn the way to MitterfeldalmArthurhaus to Erichhütte