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PronebenalmNorwegian Dream - Favourite foto !Refections on the dark and the light sideSardinia- Sunset Lighthouse at CalasettaYes, the camera did get wetLoser 2019Loser 2019Gullfoss. Late at night and all alone at the waterfallSuedsteiermark 2020 #352021 - From Filzensattel to the red rocksView from the Quiraing walkLone tree looking over the Quiraing national parkLake Ödsee:  Autumn 2019Enchanting forest lightBlood red sunset at Shoeburyness,  East beach. Looking like glowing lava on the mud near Barge pier.- Favourite foto !Calannish standing stones 4Light grazing the pastures on SchneebergLake Ödsee:  Autumn 20192021 - From Filzensattel to the red rocksMohnblumen