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Lantern on our garden wall at Christmas timeAs the sun breaks through, the snow falls off the treesSnow shoe walk -Jan 2022- ArthurhausArthurhaus to Hochkeil Jan 2022Arthurhaus to Hochkeil Jan 2022Arthurhaus to Hochkeil Jan 2022Snow shoe walk -Jan 2022- ArthurhausGentle evening colours on a snow shoe walk -Jan 2022- ArthurhausSnow shoe walk -Jan 2022- ArthurhausSun setting on the way back from Hochkeil,  Jan 2022A winter's snowy scene 2 on the way to Erichhütte-Feb 2022Snow dunes 2- on the way to Erichhütte-Feb 2022Mühlbach from Pronebenalm Feb 2022Snowflakes as spring begins in the forestLake Langbathsee March 2022 - Patterns in the ice 2Lake Langbathsee- Red & Blue reflections on a B&W dayAlien smoking a cigarAttersee Buchberg March 2022Maria Schmolln Rundweg March 2022